How to Stay Busy During Spring Break

Destiny Hicks, Staff Writer

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Spring break is almost here. Many people will go on vacation but some will stay at home to do nothing. If you are bored and don’t know what to do this spring break, here are some options.

Watch a movie: Have a movie night with your friends and family and make popcorn and your favorite junk food. Watch seasons of TV shows or popular movies like La La Land or Moonlight.

Go outside: Going outside is always fun and relaxing. You can take a walk or a jog on trails and you can also go to a park with a group friends to play games like football or tag.

Play video games: If you want to stay inside then you should try playing video games. You could challenge your friends and family to beat your score. You can even challenge them to fight you on Taken or even Call of Duty.

Connect with other people: Go to a hangout spot and mingle with new people. You can go to events in Quincy like the St. Patrick Day parade or mall events.

Take a road trip: Travel to a town or small city by yourself or with a friend. There is nothing like sitting in a car and jamming to music while driving to Springfield, St. Louis, or other cities.

Rearrange your room: You will have so much free time that you can clean your room and change it to the way you want by rearranging furniture. You can do the same with your closets, switching your winter clothes out with summer clothes.

Read: You can start a new book series that you have been wanting to read like the Evermore series, The Outsiders, and Vampire Academy. You can read in a public place or at home. Even outside reading is fun and relaxing.

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How to Stay Busy During Spring Break